The advantages of steel structure in comparison with concrete structure:


It has been proven that buildings of over 15 storeys in height are more cost-efficient when done in steel rather than those built using concrete. This becomes more evident with the usage of high strength steel and when the building is located in an earthquake area.

  • Increasing speed and reducing cost
  • Faster construction
  • Earlier revenue generation
  • Lower finance costs
  • All-weather construction
  • Longer spans and fewer columns
  • Less excavation and fewer foundations
  • Achieve low floor-to-floor heights
  • Faster erection
  • Lower overall costs
  • Improving quality and enhancing occupant’s satisfaction
  • Fabricated to precise tolerances in controlled environment
  • Smaller and fewer columns and more useable clear space
  • More remodeling and re-use flexibility
  • Improved sound transmission/attenuation
  • “Green” 100% recyclable material
  • Up to 6% more usable space due to smaller size columns